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Friday, October 13, 2023 @ Water's Edge Events Center

 4687 Millennium Dr., Belcamp, MD  21017

Check in Begins: 12:30pm

Event from 12:30pm to 6:30pm

Don't miss dinner and music at 5pm!  And stay for a brief update from Mark DiOrio with Brookstone, following dinner!

Please register for dinner if you plan to attend - thank you!


As always, if you are an Akers Financial Group client and are unsure which classes may benefit you, please call the office and one of our advisors can recommend classes for you.  

Prepare to Win - Under 50 years old

Training Class 1                      

1pm         Planning for Today with an Eye to the Future (Social Security) - Working out your plan

                 Sam Payne, RICP® – Asset and J. Paul Franco, M.B.A.


2pm         The Future is Now – Investing for a Brighter Tomorrow - Beginning is the hardest workout

                  Eric Kruk, CFP® - Franklin Templeton


3pm       Estate Planning 101 (Basic) - Foundation for the unexpected

                 Ashley Raut, Attorney – Bress Raut Law


4 pm      Financial Life Planning – Achieve all your goals by starting early:  Tax Free Income - Retiring Early - Roth / Life Insurance - Build your routine

                J. Paul Franco, M.B.A.



Ready to Win - Are you ready to retire?

Training Class 2          

1pm       Investing for a Lifetime - Building your CORE

               Mark DiOrio, CFA, CIO - Brookstone


2pm       Estate Planning 101 (Basic) - Building your foundation

               Ashley Raut, Attorney – Bress Raut Law


3pm       Are You Ready to Retire? - Building your financial daily workout 

                Alex J. Monk, CFP®,  Akers Financial Group


4pm       The Hidden Costs of Aging - Being prepared

                 Eric Kruk, CFP® - Franklin Templeton



Keep Winning - In Retirement

Training Class 3


1pm      Medicare – What you Need to Know - Office on Aging - Health Insurance boot camp for the 65 year old

               Andrea Pomillia, Harford County Office on Aging   


 2pm     Financial Independence / AFG Select Portfolios Update - Financial Fitness Class

              Jeffery L. Akers, CFP®, Alex J. Monk, CFP® and Bernie McVey, M.B.A


 3pm   Investing Stocks - Dividend / Growth / Value - Exercise is good for you, so are stocks

             Mark DiOrio, CFA, CIO – Brookstone Capital Mgmt


4pm     Estate Planning 201 (Advanced) - Working out your Estate Flow

              Kevin Bress, Attorney – Bress Raut Law



Intense Training: Ultra Wealth – Ideas to Maximize Wealth

Training Class 4

1pm      Welcome to Akers Financial - Overview Proven Unique Financial Planning - Financially fit to be able to win throughout your retirement years

              Brian A. Akers, CFP®,  Akers Financial Group


2pm     Core & Satellite Approach to Investing – Intelligent Financial Design - Building your Core

              Mark DiOrio, CFA, CIO – Brookstone Capital Mgmt 


3pm      Advanced Trust and Estate Planning 401 - Achieving the results you desire

               Kevin Bress, Attorney – Bress Raut Law 


4pm      Planned Giving - GENEROSITY - Living a balanced life of generosity

               Brian A. Akers, CFP®, Akers Financial Group


Instructional Class  - For Anyone

Training Class 5

2pm      Black Diamond Instructional Class - How to class

              David Good and Janet Anderson, Akers Financial Group


3pm     Black Diamond Instructional Class - How to class

              David Good and Janet Anderson, AFG


4 pm     Is it Still a Seller's Housing Market, or is the Housing Market Going to Shift?  - Getting Real with your real estate

               Katie Rash – Berkshire & Hathaway


5 pM 

Dinner / Music won't want to miss a brief update from Mark DiOrio with Brookstone after dinner!


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